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OLDSTOBERFEST : The World’s Only Bavarian Rodeo
Community Scavenger Hunt with “Secret Message”

How to Play
- There are 14 Locations Around Town with Oldstoberfest Scavenger Hunt Posters
- Hints as to what locations were selected are posted on the Oldstoberfest Webpage & Facebook page
- Go to each location and take a photo of the poster: note the Letter the “Bratwurst” is holding in each photo
- Once you have all 14 letters, unscramble them to decipher the “Secret Message”
- Enter Your Name in for the draw by Friday September 17, 2021 by 5:00 pm
- To enter your name for the draw Private Messaging the Oldstoberfest Facebook Page: the “Secret Message” & listing a minimum of seven (7) of the businesses that you visited
- The prize for the Scavenger Hunt is an Ultimate Oldsoberfest Prize Pack

Gillian Grant
Rodeo Coordinator, C5 Rodeo

Scavanger Hunt.JPG