Q: Is there camping available during the event?

   A: Yes. Camping will provided across 54th street, directly south of Cow Palace at the Olds Lions Campground.

Q: Will I be able to purchase tickets at the gate?

   A: Yes. Tickets will be available for purchase at the gates for the rodeo and concert as well for the biergartens afterwards at the Cow Palace. 

Q: Are the concerts outdoors or indoors?

   A: The headliners will perform outside on a stage set up in the rodeo arena after the rodeo performance. There will also be live performers in the biergartens. 

Q: Can you purchase separate rodeo and concert tickets?

   A: The rodeo and concert are purchased on the same ticket but at a discounted price. It's like purchasing a concert ticket with a free rodeo! 

Q: What is the physical location of the pro rodeo?

   A: Olds Regional Exhibition Grounds. 5116 54 St, Olds, AB T4H 1P5, Canada

Q: What is included in the day passes available?

   A: You will have access to the rodeo, concert and biergartens!

Q: Where am I able to purchase tickets?

   A: Tickets will be available at Oldstoberfest.com under the Tickets section, at Pomeroy Inn and Suites in Olds, AB and at the gate the day of the event. 

Q: Is there assigned seating for the rodeo and concert?

   A: No. It is rush seating so ensure a good spot by getting there early! 

Q: What time do the Biergartens open?

   A: Biergartens will open after the rodeo performance around 8:00 pm.

Q: Is there separate admission for the biergartens?

   A: Yes. If you would like to attend only the biergartens you can purchase a ticket at the Cow Palace doors for entry, but your rodeo and concert tickets grant you access to the biergartens as well. 

Q: What are the ages for the youth tickets?

   A: 6-14 years old. 

Q: Are you able to purchase drinks during the rodeo?

   A: Yes there will be an area to purchase to tokens. There will also be hard liquor stations and beer tub girls around the grandstand.